Life is Full of Metaphors


The city workers in my town have quite a sense of humor. I pulled up to this intersection with my wife and daughters yesterday while we were out yard sale-ing and had to laugh. It’s a good metaphor for the real or perceived roadblocks that try to keep us from reaching our dreams. Sometimes you have to plow right through whatever or whomever is trying to stop you or you’ll never get to where you want to be.

I had a similar experience with a bully when I was a kid. Here’s the whole story –

There’s No Way Around But Through

When I was about thirteen years old or so,
I was walking through the hallway to class
When the school bully stood in front of me
And absolutely refused to let me pass.

I moved to the left, and then to the right.
He just laughed and moved that way, too.
It was that moment when it dawned on me
That there was no way around but through.

So I kicked the bully right where it hurts.
He let out a yell and I watched him fall.
After that, he gave me plenty of room
When he saw me coming down the hall.

I really should try to remember his name,
Maybe send a Hallmark “thank you” card
For without the lesson he taught that day,
My life might have been very hard.

You see, a big bully doesn’t have to be human.
It’s whatever keeps you and your dream apart.
So much talent is forever lost to the world
Because of the bullies that hide in the heart.

So whatever it is that stands in your way
And keeps you from living a life that’s true,
Remember the lesson I learned from the bully.
Friend, there’s no way around but through.

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