Bad Topics For Writers (or anybody else) To Talk About (reblog)

This is a tough one. As writers, do we stay with the safe topics and ignore the ones that are dividing people the most and causing the greatest problems in the world? Do we allow the fear of our work being boycotted (which is essentially the fear of fascism) silence us when our voice is needed? Silence equals consent, as they say. We all want to be liked, followed, etc., so the way of the modern world, or at least the blogging world, is keeping our opinions on the most important subjects to ourselves, and staying on safe subjects. Establishing a niche and never straying from it, no matter how much we are bothered by something we see in the world around us. The end result is bland, watered-down, frightened writing, and letting the fascists who would silence dissenting opinions win. The question is, are we going to stand up for what we believe in or not? Anything else is living a life that is not true to ourselves.

I’m just as guilty as anyone. You won’t find a lot of political opinions on this blog, for the same reason the author of this article cites – it’s not what his blog is about, and nobody really cares anyway. My ultimate goal is to entertain, tell stories, help people feel better about life, forget their troubles for a few minutes, etc. I stay away from dark subjects for my own good as much as any reader who might stumble across my blog. But now and then, something needs to be said, for our good, and for society’s. As Paul Simon wrote, “Silence, like a cancer, grows.” What do you think?

Dysfunctional Literacy

When you see this look on the interviewer’s face, you might want to change the topic. (image via wikimedia) If you see this look on the interviewer’s face, you might want to change the topic. (image via wikimedia)

When it comes to writing, the topic is everything.  I’d rather read a poorly-written piece about an interesting topic than a well-crafted selection about something boring.  I’m pretty sure most readers agree with me.  I don’t have any statistics to back me up on this, but if I repeat myself loudly enough (“Most readers agree with me!!”), my assertions will eventually become accepted as truth (except I have a quiet voice so nobody will hear me).

If an author delves into a bad topic, the author can phrase things carefully and revise heavily before publishing.  But when an author talks about a bad topic, he can get into trouble just like anybody else.

Last week, famous author John Grisham got into trouble for talking about child pornography in an interview. Child pornography…

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