A Plethora of Piñata’s

An interesting bit of synchronicity happened today.

The family and I were on the freeway and I was joking about that scene from Three Amigos when El Diablo picks on his friend for not knowing what the word “plethora” means after he tells him he has a plethora of piñata’s for his birthday party. A minute later, what rolls by – a plethora of piñata’s!


Even though I’ve lived in Los Angeles all my life, a city with a large Hispanic population, I can never recall seeing a truckload of piñata’s like this before.

Is this mere coincidence, the law of attraction, or God’s sense of humor?

Here’s the scene from Three Amigos. Cracks me up every time.


This photo is titled The Last Ride – the final voyage for these unlucky (is there any other kind?) piñatas before getting the hell (okay, candy) beat out of them by a bunch of stick-wielding kids while bystanders laugh and cheer. Look at the fear in the eyes of the two on the left. 

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