How Many Islamic Terrorist Attacks Will It Take?


I usually try to stay in the light but, like all of us, I’ve been haunted this week by the thought of the suicide bombing in Manchester. Think about the depth of evil required on the part of the bomber to go to a concert and see people sitting down around him, mostly young girls like the victim shown here; to see their happy, shining faces and youthful energy and still follow through with his warped mission; to still consider it honorable to blow them all to pieces. Think about it. To see this girl sitting near him and still push that button. That’s the evil we’re up against.
Do the celebrities who say we need to “stop fighting and love each other” really think a single jihadist will be swayed in the slightest by their feel-good philosophies? The fact that they live in gated compounds with heavy security and take bodyguards with them everywhere they go only contributes to how completely out of touch and not worth listening to they are. I’ll listen to Navy Seals, Rangers, and other soldiers who have actually confronted this evil face-to-face. They know that Islamic terrorists want us all dead simply because we are not exactly like them, and because their interpretation of Islam demands that they either convert or exterminate everyone who is not a Muslim. Their goal is world domination by the sword, and the only thing that will stop them from their stated goal of killing all of us and “burying America in a sea of fire” is killing them first. After all this time, and more than 25,000 Islamic terror attacks around the world since 9/11, why is that still so hard for people to understand? How many more Islamic terror attacks will it take before we grow up and do what needs to be done?
In order to win someone over with love, they need to have love somewhere in their heart to begin with. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an ounce of love in people who decapitate prisoners, burn them alive, film videos of children hunting bound prisoners in abandoned buildings, throw gays off buildings, and bury women up to their necks then throw stones at their heads; people who decapitate their daughters for the “dishonor” of being raped, then walk around their village holding their daughter’s severed head and declaring, “Look, my family’s honor is restored!” Thinking we can change the hearts of people so deeply ignorant is like trying to cure a serial killer by showing him reruns of Sesame Street.
The good news is we (America and the Allied Forces) have defeated evil before – most notably the Japanese fascists and Hitler’s Nazi’s – and we will do it again. It is true we’re fighting an ideology and men without honor who wear no uniforms (in fact, they often dress as women), attack the most defenseless, and hide in schools and hospitals after carrying out cowardly attacks, depending on the decency of America not to bomb them there, but we will eradicate this cancer. We will. We’re aware now of how to fight men without absolutely no honor. We’re adjusting.
Rest in peace, little Saffie, and everyone who lost your lives so unnecessarily in Manchester. I’m sorry your politicians were more interested in open borders and feeling good about themselves than your safety, but you will be avenged.
I love the quote below, but I find it either delusional or dishonest that Gandhi attributed the fall of tyrants to “the ways of truth and love” – when those tyrants fell because they were defeated in war. Someone wrote, “Men who have lost the stomach for war will be overrun by those who haven’t.” Let’s pray it’s not too late for us, and that we still have the inner fortitude our grandfathers had to destroy evil men in the name of our own truth, and those we love. Cultivating a beautiful garden requires pulling weeds and poisoning pests that would destroy it.