Little Things (poem)


A man who hungers for the adulation of millions
and puts little importance on the love of just one
often finds nothing mattered more than that love
When the days and the battles of his life are done.

Little things like romance were a petty distraction.
Love taken for granted, vanity none could endure.
And at the end, in a lonely room full of trophies,
He finally learns how big the little things were.

3 thoughts on “Little Things (poem)

  1. Thanks, Kathrin. Half the fun of posting poems and stories is finding just the right photo to go with them. As soon as I saw that photo, I knew it was the one. Thanks for noticing. This poem is a warning to myself as much as it might be to any reader, to not get so caught up in work and “getting ahead” that I forgot to appreciate family and friends. Men especially are terrible for thinking work is more important than anything else because we tend to define ourselves so much by what we do and how successful we are at it. It’s an easy trap to fall into.


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